Whites and Lights-Bright whites and fashionably light, smooth finished leathers

CAUTION: Garde by Apple Polish will be your best friend. Use it often and liberally. Avoid using these colors in weather extremes, as lighter leather is extremely porous and delicate. Do not expect miracles from your tinted Polish.

When you buy any leather article, always coat it with Garde Rain and Stain Repellent before you use it even once. It will guard against moisture stains and soil.

Desalter will remove those white, powdery salt stains that are a result of winter weather. Simply rub the article down, using a clean cloth, and let it dry at room temperature.

Spot Remover must be used periodically to remove polish and soil build-up. Apply with a clean cloth, then leave the article to dry naturally.

Shoes can be conditioned and their color renewed with the appropriate color of Polish. Other articles should be conditioned with Leather Care by Apple Polish, a neutral lotion that will not stain clothing. Polish and Leather Care should be applied and massaged into the leather with a soft cloth.

Finally, the article should be buffed with a Shine Cloth for that finished look.

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